Farmers Market in Hershey, PA.

Open: Thursdays
Hours: 3pm to 7 pm
Located at: The Cocoa Beanery on Research Blvd. Market is located in the field next to the Beanery.


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Market Opens May 19th!

We held our first vendor meeting of 2011 last night, and are pleased to announce that our vendors voted to open the market season on May 19th! So circle your calendars, and we’ll see you in just over 2 months! Some exciting changes to come, so stay tuned…Market Opening
A new movie due out in May that suggests chronic and degenerative diseases can be avoided - and even reversed - by giving up processed foods and minimizing animal-based foods.Forks Over Knives - Official Trailer (via ForksOverKnives)

You know what they say about hospital food?

Unhealthy foods in hospitals: One solution is to partner with local farmers and markets to help hospital cafeterias source healthier foods for their menus. An impressive example is already ongoing at Stanford ( and we hope to make similar inroads at Penn State

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